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Economic Upliftment

Stepping Up to Provide Better Livelihood Opportunities

Agriculture is the main source of livelihood for the people of Wardha. But we observed that the community has been practising traditional cropping patterns, which are unsustainable and not viable both ecologically as well as economically. We at Bajaj Foundation decided to educate farmers about technology-led sustainable agricultural practices. We also encouraged marginal and landless farmers, especially women, to undertake dairy farming as a means to an alternative livelihood. An additional advantage is that promoting sustainable agriculture & natural farming also ensures a far healthier environment at the local level.

Alternative Livelihood Opportunities

It is a known fact that improved agricultural practices yield good crop, resulting in an income hike. However, Bajaj Foundation encourages the community to explore other land-based occupations such as dairy farming as an alternative source of income. Dairy farming also ensures better nutrition for the family. The cattle dung can be used for meeting fuel and manure needs of the household. Since women are usually responsible for taking care of cattle, dairy farming offers them an opportunity to convert the responsibility into a productive, income-generating activity.